Back Patio Reveal

Hey guys, check out our back patio at the new house! We’ve been working away at this space all summer long and we are so excited to finally sit back and enjoy it. The back patio has a perfect view of the sunset every evening so naturally it’s one of our favourite spots to wind down and catch the view while watching the kids run around and play with the dog or the chickens. The sunsets here are a stunning bright pink and orange peeking through the tall pines, sometimes after the kids go to bed I sneak out here because it’s such a peaceful place to sneak off and read a good book. You can also see the other view of our arched window now, we are still so happy we went with it!

We’ve partnered with someone new on the blog, introducing Hauser Furniture. Hauser sponsored our back patio project and we are so thrilled to be working with a Canadian company on this. Everything we received from them is not only beautiful, the quality is exceptional. This company has been around since 1949 and is family owned!

Shortly after John Hauser and his family arrived in Canada, the Austrian-trained, fifth-generation blacksmith started John Hauser Iron Works in the basement of their Kitchener, Ontario home. Initially crafting ornamental wrought-iron fixtures, John’s passion for living and enjoying life outdoors soon inspired him to shift focus and in 1949 Hauser began creating the finest, longest-lasting outdoor patio furniture that they are known for today.

– Hauser Stores

For this project we chose to go with the Nova Sofa and Club Chairs for seating, they are constructed with natural teak with a special finish that gives it that weathered look we appreciate while keeping it durable to protect it against the elements, especially since we have 4 seasons here in Ontario. There is a big selection of fabric options for the Nova pieces, the teak is stain resistant and the cushions are UV resistant and are made with water repellant fabric. So great right? For the cushion colour we picked the Canvas Natural and it is a beautiful creamy white! For some extra decor (and because I love throw pillows) we picked 2 Lina Linen pillows, these soft linen pillows are actually indoor ones but I love how they look with everything on the patio. We’ve been using the Nova Sofa and Nova Club Chairs for over a month now, we are a busy family that loves the outdoors, we get messy and these cushions still look good as new! I am super impressed, it’s always a gamble when having light furniture but this outdoor set from Hauser Furniture has truly been amazing.

You can find the Nova Sofa {here}, the Nova Club Chairs {here} and the Lina Linen Pillows {here}.

You guys know I love to style plants into our spaces, indoor and outdoor. The tall Caledon Planters that Hauser sent us were perfect for styling some shaped boxwoods in, I wanted to keep the greenery pretty neutral for this space and I love how it turned out. These planters come in 2 sizes, we went with the tall ones. They are crafted from recycled materials, they are weather/UV resistant and extra-durable for winter use! I think these would be great for framing a front doorway as well.

The grey rug we chose for the back patio is also from Hauser Furniture, they picked it for us! They have a plethora of options on their website for rugs and doormats, click {here} to find them all.

Hauser Furniture also sent us the Nova Coffee Table and Nova Nest Tables, I LOVE the teak and the natural look of the durable, faux concrete. We’ve had so many compliments on the outdoor furniture! Again, these pieces are made with stain resistant teak and the tops are highly scratch resistant too. We love to entertain, we’ve had delicious meals around this coffee table and barbecues with friends so the durability was a big sell for us. Busy families love spaces and furniture they can truly utilize without causing them anxiety, these pieces are just that for us!

You can find the Nova Coffee Table {here} and the Nova Nest Tables {here}.

You can actually see the beam from the sunset against our white siding in the photo above!

These beautiful white lanterns and rain proof candles are from Hauser Furniture as well, they give off the perfect amount of light in the evenings – you know, that ambience we all enjoy without the worry of a fire. I love that the candles are rainproof, you’d never know they aren’t real candle flames at night when they are on. They are so romantic too and you can style them a ton of different ways! The lanterns actually come in black and a beautiful green as well. I would totally use the green if you are going with a boho vibe for your outdoor space!

Find the lanterns {here} and the outdoor rain-proof candles {here}.

We also invested in the fitted covers for our outdoor furniture so that we can protect it all come winter, they’ve already been used them a few times during intense rain storms and when landscaping work was being done and it got super dusty. It is super easy to put these covers on and fold up nice and compact to store, they will be perfect come winter to protect this beautiful outdoor furniture!

Have you been enjoying your outdoor spaces this summer? I highly recommend pouring yourself a tea and relaxing on a comfy Nova Sofa from Hauser Furniture if you aren’t already.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit our piece of the internet and checking our our new back patio, we truly love it and are so grateful to have partnered with Hauser Furniture on this. Stay tuned for another partnership with them inside our new home that we will be sharing on the blog next week!

Roxanne xo