Our New Home: Build Update

Entry to the dining room. You know mama got some arches in here!

How long has it been since we updated you on the build? Too long! But we have so much to update you on, we’ve been so busy behind the scenes over at our new build!

I don’t know about you guys, but in the last year – with all that has been going on in the world. Every time I felt like I was getting back into the groove of things, writing and sharing…life slapped me in the face again, my emotions became overwhelming and I simply had to step back from the online space. I am totally guilty at times of over consuming on Instagram or Pinterest when I should be sleeping or just enjoying a relaxing bath which doesn’t help either. The last year has been heavy to say the least, as I am sure you’ve felt it too. For me it came in waves and waves of feelings, I found and still find myself in and out of motivational moods and writing blocks. Most days I pour all I can into my time with the kids, learning & exploring nature, baking, watching our favourite movie or crafting. When work time rolls around my creative juices are not flowing. While working late at night after the kiddos go to sleep has been my “work hours” since Ella was a baby, things seem to be shifting. I think it’s time I become one of those super early risers, you know like that 5am club book maybe? Let’s just hope that if I can manage a 5 am rise, the kids don’t decide to join me and crash my work session ha! So this my friends, is why I have been non existent in this space for months.

Back to the build shall we? Well we are SO close to moving in, I would say maybe a month away or so? Flooring has been installed, interior doors and trim work has begun. Cabinetry install started and we’ve had our template visit for stone. It’s crazy to think that at one point we expected to be moving in on New Years Day. What were we thinking? To our defence, like any construction project right now – there were many delays that were out of our control. Versus complaining about it, I am just thankful that we get to experience building a new home and we are healthy.

Above is a shot of the archway to the dining room/homeschool room from the foyer. One of the arches, you know mama got some arches in this house and I can’t wait to show you all of them! We’ve got some great plans for this space, while we are there I plan to use the space as a homeschool room and that back wall will have custom built-ins for all of our books and items, and it will also have a little space for me to sit and do my work while the kids craft away. I am hoping to nestle our piano in there and we brought our old custom farmhouse table with us to use as our homeschool table. This room will be a lot of warm whites, wood tones and of course, a bunch of books and plants!

Below is some of what you can expect to see in our new kitchen, I have poured my heart into this space in the home and there is so much to share with you. My cabinetry maker Nick and I spent hours working on the design for this kitchen and revisiting the designs until they were exactly what I wanted, he really helped my vision come to life on so many custom elements that others said wouldn’t work!

YES, we are going with another black stove! I wish you could have seen my happy dance when it arrived. Something about dark stoves just makes my heart skip a beat, if it came in a forest green I may have even gone that route! My love of brass has not faltered either, so you can expect to see a whole lot of it again in this house.

The kids watching daddy do work on the lift!

Many arches have been incorporated into this build on the exterior and interior. You can see in the image above how some of our arched windows look on the second floor!

We decided to add a butler’s pantry in this home with an entry from the dining room and the kitchen, our cabinet guy Nick and I designed the space to have ample storage while still feeling ‘open’. You can see my vision for it above, more creamy whites and wood tones, brass, some plant babies and perfectly organized jars!

In the photo above you can see the progress on our foyer and a sneak peek at our front doors!

The view from the second floor looking towards the stairwell.

Another blog post on the build coming at ya in the next two weeks where we will share our partners on this build and more updates! xo