A visit to Langdon Hall with Dyson

Would you go out of your way to stay at a hotel with a Dyson Supersonic? I did!

Our favourite gem of a spot in Ontario, Langdon Hall now has a one in ever guest room – did you know that? Enter happy dance here! I was so excited when I found mine in our room, we had such a short amount of time to get ready before dinner and I had hear wonders about this hair dryer – that it cut drying time down by at least 50%. Let me tell you, they weren’t lying. I drank the Dyson punch years ago and this product is no different than the rest, it works SOOOOO well!!!

The only way I can get smooth hair is by blow drying, my hair is just picky like that let’s say haha – the Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer features built-in heat protection, which measures air temperature 20 times a second to prevent extreme heat damage and protects your hair’s natural shine. Heat protection is also important to me in a hair dryer because I naturally have such dry hair.

The Dyson Supersonic is powerful too! Powerful airflow means drying doesn’t need to rely only on heat. The Dyson Supersonic™ is powered by the patented Dyson digital motor. Airflow travels out of the Dyson hair dryer at 105mph (WOAH) for fast drying and has a focused jet of air for precise, simultaneous drying and styling. Can you say wow!?! Dyson creates amazing items, we have so many of their products and I was so excited when they gifted me one during our stay to bring home. You see, I drank that delicious punch and I am still enjoying it haha! The Supersonic comes with three attachments: a smoothing nozzle to dry and style at the same time, a styling concentrator to focus airflow precisely where you need it for styling and a diffuser to stimulate natural drying and reduce frizz. Reducing frizz is a top priority for me, especially with chemically coloured hair! All of them attach by magnet too, so you can quickly click them on and off during styling AND they’re cool to the touch from being double walled. I think this is why so many professional stylists love this hair dryer too, well that plus all of the other amazing features I listed of course!

Langdon Hall is a a favourite of mine, if you follow my blog – this is no secret. It is a piece of luxury close to him and it is one of 14 Relaix & Chateau properties in Canada.

“For those who appreciate beauty” Langdon Hall has been a member of Relais & Châteaux since 1991.

So, we can say that having a Dyson Supersonic in the Langdon hall guest rooms totally enhances your stay, an added touch of luxury in an already amazing place. Everyone enjoys an extra bit of frosting!

Our most recent stay at Langdon Hall with Dyson was so much fun, we indulged in the last big of warm summer weather by their relaxing pool…sipped champagne and ate way too much delicious food. I had to include some photos of the food during our stay, Chef Jason Bangerter. The truffle soup he sent out to us during dinner was phenomenal!!!!