Bliss List

Last week I returned home from San Francisco. I was there for a few days with my manager, Allison, attending the Pinterest conference, and it was such a whirlwind of a trip! Even though we were there for work, we made the most of our time in San Fran and most definitely mixed business with pleasure! Were you guys following along through Instagram and my stories?! (If you’re not already following along, come and find me @roxanneawest!) We stayed in the most charming hotel (seriously, every detail was instagrammable and I was swooning!), visited the sweetest cafés, shared some laughs, and ate incredibly delicious food – we may have also indulged in a glass or two (or three or four – ha!) of rosé. It’s a good thing calories don’t count on vacation! That’s a scientific fact, yes? Well despite enjoying the opportunities to focus on work while learning from likeminded individuals and fellow creators, I was so excited to return home to Craig and the kids! Over the weekend, I spent as much time as possible focusing on uninterrupted time spent with them and ensuring I was mentally rested to get back to the hustle come Monday morning. Sure enough – this week was full of collaboration with my team while juggling that mom life, but I’m so, so grateful for it all!

No. 1

Does anyone else follow Heather Bullard on Instagram?! (@heatherbullard) Her feed is an absolute dream and makes my heart skip a beat each and every time she posts. Heather just spent the month of May in France (Can you even imagine?! I can barely handle it.) and along the way she shared the most beautiful and inspiring snapshots on her feed and within her stories. I couldn’t stop swooning. Heather captures simplistic and rustic beauty like no other, and whenever I’m following along, I find myself daydreaming about relocating to France, exploring the French countryside, and eating croissants all day, every day. What are the chances I could convince Craig and the kids to come along?! Sigh…


We have an older piano up in our loft which Ella uses during her piano lessons and that both of the kids love to use to make music (some of their songs are more “pleasurable” than others – ha!, but we love it just the same). Well ever since I stumbled upon Laura’s (@arrowandlacedesign) painted piano, I’ve been in absolute awe of its transformation and have basically become obsessed with the idea of giving ours a colourful makeover. What do you guys think? Should we go for it? I think I’m going to start collecting inspiration on Pinterest – stay tuned (no piano pun intended)!


I’m typically not one to throw around profane language – I mean, I’m not denying that mom life hasn’t gotten the better of my patience once or twice causing me to mutter a choice curse word under my breath, but overall swearing just isn’t my thing. But with that aside, I still find this “F Off Mosquitoes” candle cheeky AF. And let it be known, mosquito season here in Canada is no damn joke. These candles are locally made here in Ontario and I think they would make for the most humorous backyard barbeque or cottage weekend host/hostess gift. Of course, I would recommend burning it after hours when younger reading eyes aren’t likely to catch a glimpse of the adult-appropriate label. Wink, wink.


Speaking of backyard barbeques and long-weekends spent at the cottage, this watermelon frosé recipe from Jessica over at How Sweet Eats is what summertime swooning is all about! The minute Jessica (@howsweeteats) shared this image on her feed I immediately messaged my girlfriends, “We have to make this, like, as soon as possible!” I mean, a rosé slushy served in a watermelon?! You absolutely cannot go wrong here.


Does anyone else have a wildly fantasized bucket list?! Well, as the wanderlust that I am, I have been building my travel, sightseeing, and exploring bucket list for as long as I can remember. Visiting Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya, recently shot to the top of that list! It looks like absolute magic. I would surely die a life well-lived if in years to come I’m able to experience this incredible and wondrous place.


Camille Styles recently shared her refreshed outdoor space along with her fool-proof backyard barbeque entertaining tips – and it’s all so good! Craig and I definitely enjoy entertaining family and friends throughout the summer months and our to-do list for transforming our own backyard is one that will be fueled by lots labor and love, so I was thrilled to see how Camille styled her own outdoor space! I love that they created a space that allowed for seamless transitions from indoors to outdoors, that various “stations” were set up throughout their space, and that they included inspiring, budget-friendly finds from Target! Oh, and you guys know I’m a sucker for accessorizing with plants! Take a peek at Camille’s post here.

As per usual, I’m so looking forward to connecting with you guys through Instagram messages, emails, and comments about this week’s Bliss List! Have you recently tackled a colourful makeover like the piano refresh I’m contemplating? And what do you think? Should I go for something soulful and moody? Or fresh and playful? What about dreamy globe-trotting bucket list goals? As for the watermelon rosé slushies, let us not pretend like we have any restraint and all go-ahead and whip up a batch this weekend! Who’s with me?! Cheers!