DIY Window Seat & Built-in desks project

Guys!!!! We are back at it, I have had total writers block – not going to lie. I took a break, a much needed emotional one. I wanted to get organized and focus on the little ones and working around the house too. We’ve aso been hit by the flu which sucks, we were doing so great avoiding any colds since the Christmas holidays but it was only a matter of time with Ella in school, somethin’ always makes its way back to the house haha!

SO when I say we are back at it, I don’t just mean I am resurfacing on my blog – I also mean we are back at sharing our DIY projects with you and vlogging. I’ve linked our first family day in the life vlog below where I take you behind the scenes on a weekend with us doing a bunch of things, including a behind the scenes quick look at our Home Depot photo shoot for this post.

A lot of the feedback we get from you guys is that you want to know more about how we do the renovations on our house, you love the before & the after but you also want the step by step and all the details of what products we used to make our creations a reality. Enter today’s blog, a start in that direction. Today is a 1 of 2 series on our new window seat in our loft and built-in desks for my office, well studio – the loft! It has so many names lately lol. My zen space, the space with the baby blue library wall you all love! Well across from that library wall was an empty wall with a huge beautiful window and I knew exactly what I wanted to turn it into when I saw it after we bought this house. I quickly drew up a design with a long window seat in the middle, under the large window with a built in desk on each side of it. I will save you the shock of seeing my awful drawing and share Craig’s in the 2nd post instead, with him being an engineer he can do that kind of thing much better than I can haha!

I pictured this side of the room as the perfect space for myself and my assistant to work on the blog and plan away or edit imagery, it’s also a great space for the kids to draw while I am working on one desk if they aren’t reading on the window seat. Or perhaps one day when we sell this house, someone with older kids than ours can envision their littles doing their homework there :). I can’t wait to show you guys the reveal, I’m so proud of Craig and how it all turned out.

But today, today is just a quick look at what we used from Home Depot Canada to do our project and I wanted to list out the items we sourced. We picked the Oxford Eurostyle cabinets from Home Depot Canada for this project and we actually used these same ones for the library wall cabinets too! I love the look of the doors and they are great quality (and are priced well too). They have matching drawers and that is what we picked for the window seat & desks project. Our kitchen cabinetry is shaker style so I wanted something to suit the feel and have continuity through the home since the loft already is a very unique space. We used 18″ wide drawers for each side of the desks and 30″ drawers for the base of the window seat. Craig built in the window seat and trimmed out the drawers…a great space for blogger storage I tell ya! Craig also picked up some sheets of MDF for the top of the window seats and for the tops of the desks before the desk tops went on. We also found our desk tops at Home Depot Canada too but you will have to wait for the reveal to see what I picked out. We are aiming to reveal every thing in the first week of March and I am so excited for you guys to see it!!

I hope you are all feeling well and staying warm, it’s been an awful flu season in Ontario and we’ve indulged in way too much Netflix around here.

This blog post was sponsored by Home Depot Canada, we are so excited to be partnering up with them on another fun project in our home!

Photography by: Jessica Denischuck