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Today I am writing to share the love of one of our favourite interiors products. As you all know, we’ve been working with Metrie trim & moulding for years now and there’s a good reason for it. We simply LOVE their products, like LOVE them. Why else would we spend almost every evening after the kiddos go to bed and every weekend transforming our homes with shiplap or my favourite Metrie doors? Exactly.

Metrie has officially announced a new product offering called Option {M}, a beautiful line of Interior Moulding & Door combinations you are all sure to love. My style for the Option {M} product line is the good old Modern Farmhouse. If you’ve been following along on the progress of our latest home renovations you will have seen a lot of this style. We use the Metrie shiplap very frequently, when we originally planned out the renovations for our current house we planned to use it in 2 places – the laundry room and a washroom. Well now we have it in our son’s room, one of the washrooms, our mudroom, the laundry room and who knows if the list ends there! This product line is one of my favourites, it’s a very easy product to install and the look is flawless, you can just ask my husband. Craig recently started using his own Instagram to share some of our home renovations and I swear Metrie makes up 80% of it haha! Metrie Option {M} is curated to bring style to the home and combines moulding and trim elements that reflect the trends of today and that is what I want to share with you below.

Creating the Modern Farmhouse look can be super easy yet difficult at the same time, because it is a very broad term in the design world – a lot of different elements can come into play. People generally describe our home as Modern Farmhouse but you see a lot of elements within our spaces that pull from other vibes like traditional or ornate. Today I wanted to share with you what I feel are some key elements that create a Modern Farmhouse space. Shiplap is obviously an obvious element for the Modern Farmhouse look, you can do an entire room, a statement wall or even a specific element in a home. Either way it is always a conversation starter, guests always compliments our shiplap features around our home.

For example we generally do a full wall, we did that with every space we incorporated Metrie Option {M} 11.5” shiplap. However, I love this image below found on Pinterest where the designer used shiplap to wrap the hood range above the stove…genius, and totally Modern Farmhouse. Or some people have even used shiplap as a backsplash too! I love that idea or doing a classic white subway tile with a light grey grout and some thick butcher block counters which also suits the modern farmhouse look very well. .

The Modern Farmhouse look to me incorporates a lot of earthy elements like wood, wood beams, wooden flooring and greenery, iron and beautifully shaped ceramics that look like they have been used with love for years. Some of my favourite Modern Farmhouse kitchens have a wooden beam through them and really rustic looking wide plank hardwood flooring, you will almost always find a live plant in there too which totally tugs at my heartstrings. And you will almost ALWAYS find a special style of trim & moulding or doors. The elements are always memorable in my mind, they stand out as if each elements of the space tells a story. I love the Masonite Expo Heritage Series Logan Moulded Panel Doors from  Metrie to finish up that Modern Farmhouse look. Doors are a big part of creating that look. Turning a door into a sliding barn door can also add a great effect to the space and will always draw attention in a good way.

Metrie is currently hosting an extremely exciting giveaway through Pinterest where Homeowners can Pin their Metrie Dream Option {M} Space, the contest is running for 6 weeks where a group of us bloggers will post a specific look each week teaching you about different Metrie Option {M} products and if you love them as much as we do you can pin to enter!

The contest is now in its final week so it is your last opportunity to enter for a chance to win the Grand Prize, a virtual design consultation from celebrity designer Amanda Forrest and a $1,000 Wayfair gift card, or our weekly prize of a Modern Farmhouse-style kettle and toaster combo.

Here is what you need to do to enter:

  1.       Follow Metrie on Pinterest.
  2.       Create a contest Pinterest board called, ‘My Dream Option {M} (Style) (Space)’. Example: My Dream Option {M} Modern Farmhouse Kitchen to how you’d use Metrie’s Option {M} style.
  3.       Build out your Pinterest board with anything else you’d choose for your space. Furniture, lighting, glassware, statement art, etc. However you envision it, Metrie wants to see it. Don’t forget to include at least five pins on your board with a minimum of two pins from Option {M}.
  4.       Enter your Pinterest board along with your name and email into the form found here.

You can check out my Pinterest board HERE too!

Below are some images of our laundry room where we have used the Metrie 11.5″ Shiplap! 

Below is the progress of one of our washrooms using the Metrie Shiplap as well!