Our DIY Library Wall with Home Depot

Our DIY Library Wall with Home Depot Decor DIY DIY Living Reno's Uncatagorized
I have been dying to share our library wall with you guys that we built in collaboration with Home Depot Canada!!!! This project was such a labour of love and a dream come to reality, I won’t lie – I have dreamt of having a library wall since I was a little girl! This space has quickly become a favourite in our home, the kids of course love to climb the rolling ladder and pick out books (even if they can’t read them yet lol). I love to see their excited faces and even if this library wall is in my studio office, I still love that they love to get cozy up in here and curl up to read and together.

Craig and his dad built all of this from literally a blank wall to start with. Craig used 36″ Eurostyle white kitchen cabinets from Home Depot and 18″ cabinets for the bottom of the library wall. This made for the perfect storage for all that is Bonjour Bliss Blog. You need a lot of storage as a blogger so this library wall has seriously made my organization game strong! These cabinets came with soft door closers which come in handy when the little ones are also opening and closing the doors. The guys put these cabinets on the wall raised up (floating)  by 9″ and covered the based opening with flat stock to give it that built-in look.

Some other items we used from Home Depot Canada were:

  • 2 x 3 framing for the base and framing for the top of she shelves & the ladder support
  • Lots of dap, sand paper & paint
  • Glue, screws & nails

For all of the shelving Craig used 3/4 MDF and built them in box sections and assembled on the wall. If you guys are interested, we can put together a separate blog post on exactly how he did every thing step by step! Based on the measurements of the wall we had some extra room to spare on each end, the perfect spot for a ton of wine bottles in my opinion haha!

Picking the colour for this library wall was, well – stressful? I really wanted to do something different, something I had never seen on Pinterest before. Something fresh.  I had thought a soft blue from the beginning but when the night before painting arrived…I got cold feet. I questioned my decision and debated on switching to all white, perhaps a forest green or a deep navy? But in the end, after 16 blue samples and countless hours in the painting department at Home Depot, I had them colour match my all time favourite blue and went for it. I am SO glad I did, it turned out exactly how I pictured it in my head and I am so proud of Craig for turning it into a reality! It’s crazy to think that this used to be a blank wall. This room gets flooded by natural light every day so I knew I wanted a blue that didn’t pull too much green or grey, something soft that would pair nicely with my usual metal of choice too, gold. And of course, no room would be complete in our home without a Metrie Fashion Forward door worked in – it totally completes the look in my opinion! I added a crystal and brass door knob to the door and kept the cabinet hardware very clean so that your eye would stay drawn to the rolling ladder & built-in door.

To build this library wall we spent around $2000.00 at Home Depot Canada excluding lighting and hardware and it took Craig and his dad 2 weekends, worth every hour in my opinion haha! Once the building and painting was finished, my friends rallied together with me to fill the shelves and style away, I couldn’t have done it without them! What do you think of our DIY library wall?

Photography by Heidi Lau | This post was made in partnership with Home Depot Canada. All opinions as always, are my own.

Our DIY Library Wall with Home Depot Decor DIY DIY Living Reno's Uncatagorized