Vichy Meet & Greet

Last month I had the pleasure of hosting my very first meet & greet in partnership with Vichy
Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto, Ontario. It was so fun to meet so many of you and
share my adventures from Vichy, France with you and my love for the new Mineral 89 product
too! We had some yummy catered snacks by Colette Grand Cafe and some beautiful themed
cookies by my friend Stacie at Sugar Love Cookie Designs, she even made cookies that looked
like Mineral 89 bottles!!!

Our skin is subject to SO many stressors every day and you can learn more about it in this super informative video by Vichy.

From lack of sleep to toxins and pollutions in the air and sun damage, now more
than ever we need to truly give our skin the TLC it needs. Ever since having my kids I have
noticed my skin changing rapidly, I wanted to give it the attention it needs but I am always
worried because my skin is so dry and sensitive – many products give me a reaction like small
red bumps or hives. The Mineral 89 feels like putting water on my face, it is SO light and scent
free and of course it feels amazing too! My skin loves this stuff and I recommend it to everyone I
know with every different skin type. I talked about it at the event how this product is good for
people in different age groups with different needs as it helps to build up your skin’s natural
moisture barrier and locks in that moisture we need.

It is a fortifying and hydrating daily skin booster that you can use both in the morning or at night!
The natural hyaluronic acid in Mineral 89 helps to increase moisture for deep hydration.
Hydration is a big issue for my skin ESPECIALLY in the cooler months, thankfully I have this
amazing product now for all year round! With the moisture Mineral 90 adds to you skin it truly
gives more elasticity and leaves you with that beautiful plumped healthy skin we all want.
I’ve said this before and cannot stress it enough, there is nothing else like this on the market –
Vichy has truly created that magical serum we’ve all been looking for. It’s made up of 89%
Mineralizing Thermal Water from French Volcanoes, the very ones I flew over in a helicopter
with Vichy when they brought me to France with them! No other product can make these claims
and no other product can give the results that this one can in my opinion.

I learnt so many things during my meet & greet at Shoppers Drug Mart, the staff there was SO
helpful at teaching each of us important steps in skincare and they even tested our skins
hydration levels with a Vichy Hydrometer, it was a little intimidating at first but I loved learning
that the use of Mineral 89 has truly increased my skins moisture levels, prior to using Mineral 89
my skin was SO dehydrated! We discussed about how so many people with reactive skin have
a difficult time finding that perfect product or one that gives real results because they’re
concerned it will hurt their skin because of the powerful ingredients, Mineral 89 does not hurt my
reactive skin AT ALL, it makes it better.
We also learnt how some people with skin that breaks out often believe that they need to strip
their skin of it’s moisture to stop the break outs, which isn’t the case! Your skin still needs it’s
natural moisture barrier and this product will not cause break outs. I strongly suggest heading
into a Shoppers Drug Mart near you to snag yourself some Mineral 89 to try – you will LOVE it!

Today I wanted to share some photos from the fun day with Vichy Canada and Shoppers Drug
Mart, I hope you love them as much as I do!

All photography by Bettina Bogar.

This blog post was made in partnership with Vichy Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart, all opinions are my own.