Multi-taskin’ & Maskin’

Mom life is a busy life, let’s be honest here – we don’t put ourselves first, we make sure the household is under control and every one is fed…laundry is done and stay up late in my case to work once the littles are in bed. The spa is the last thing on my mind, not that I don’t wish to go it’s just that life is a tad too busy for me to justify it which is why masking with Garnier Sheet Masks while multi-tasking is a campaign I was so excited to partner with them on! I had 3 Garnier Moisture Bomb masks to choose from and truly loved them all, I mean naturally a face mask isn’t the sexiest thing to sport but when I am doing them at home while working on my computer or vacuuming or even cooking – that’s convenient. These masks when used for 15 minutes are give you the equivalent moisture of half a bottle of serum, now 15 minutes of spa time while also getting things done around the house is handy am I right? My personal favourite was the Pomegranate Hydrating Mask, this super hydrating sheet mask provides deep moisture for instantly softer, more radiant skin in only 15 minutes! A bomb of efficacy that provides skin 24 hours of lasting hydration – you guys know my skin is dry and sensitive so it LOVED this!!! The calming chamomile one is also great for my reactive skin, especially around that time of the month 😉 lol.


This post was made in partnership with Garnier Canada, all opinions are my own. I hope you love this line of Sheet Masks as much as I do!