Traditional Home: Greenhouse Kitchen

Soaring glass ceilings at the British Museum in London and the Passage Verdeau in Paris captured the imagination of interior designer Joan Nemirow. So when she and her husband, Bruce, began building a new house in Westport, Connecticut, a greenhouse-style ceiling topped Joan’s wish list for architects McKee Patterson and Kathleen Poirier. – Traditional Home Feature

This stunning kitchen has been the biggest inspo on my Pinterest for our current kitchen however it is also the inspo for our next house…that’s normal right lol!? You guys know I am a crazy plant lady and my love for greenhouses is strong, you also know I am French and my love for cooking and good food…this kitchen screams my name!!! I love how they incorporated those gorgeous ceilings and of course my favourite stove on Earth by La Cornue. We have the same range at honestly every morning when I turn it on to warm the kettle for my coffee, I smile on the inside lol…it’s true love. One of those things you look at in your home and think…damn, that was totally worth every penny.

This stunning kitchen is from a gorgeous feature on Traditional Home, you can find the full piece by clicking {here} but for tonight I wanted to share this gorgeous bit of inspo’ with you & a couple of quotes from the piece….you’re welcome! xo 

A copper backsplash and twin mercury-mirrored corner cabinets bring a playful lightness to the kitchen and add to the room’s personality. “I like to use layers of colors and textures,” Joan says. “It makes a space timeless and more interesting.”

A walnut-base island, La Cornue range, and Alhambra lanterns from Vaughan add age and character to the new kitchen. “I wanted the space to have a sense of history,” says homeowner-designer Joan Nemirow.

See the full piece on Traditional Home’s website {here}!

Photography: John Bessler

Architect: McKee Patterson; senior project architect, Kathleen Poirier, Austin Patterson Disston

Interior designer: Joan Nemirow, Joan Nemirow Designs

Builder: Michael Greenberg & Assoc.