DIY terrarium with Homesense

Time for another round up of finds from my favourite home decor store, Homesense Canada!!! Today we wanted to share a quick and fun DIY with you using one of my all time favourite things, plants of course! As you guys know if you follow along on my Instagram, we aren’t moved into the new house yet BUT we are hitting Homesense Canada weekly to stock up on items that help make our house a home and terrariums are one of them, I LOVE being surround by greenery and live plants and the kids even help take care of them which is a great way to teach them responsibility and about being gentle with living things. Succulents are such a fun plant to work with – they look so unique, grow in such unique ways and are great conversation starters – they are also quite easy to care for too.

I find all of my vases and baskets for my trees and plants at Homesense as all of you know but lately I have been stocking up on glass terrariums too, I found these 3 a couple of weeks ago in my local Homesense and each of them were under $15!!! 2 are copper and glass and one is brass and glass, all different sizes and the copper ones can be hung on the walls or from the ceiling – how cute is that!?! You can also use glass round jars for terrariums or round clear glass vases with a nice opening in the front (also all available at Homesense)! We picked up this entire terrarium do it yourself kit in stores as well, such a lucky find because you rarely see those in stores and while there I found the cutest gardening set with a robins egg blue & wood hand shovel *insert swooning here*.  First I cleaned each of the terrariums and then removed the tags. Then we moved onto the filling of the terrarium- it was a 3 step process and SO simple, rocks, moss and dirt!! I do suggest picking out a full tray of different succulents and even florals if you wanted to so that you can get creative as you go. I am pretty familiar with which succulents I like to use so I knew before hand what I wanted and if you have extra, succulents and mini bright cactuses make such a cute gift for friends or table decor like place settings for a fun dinner (expect this fun #diy on the blog soon too).

These diy terrariums would actually make sure a great gift as well for someone you know that loves succulents, it is a gift that shows you but time and love into making it and it is such an affordable gift too!!! I am being a tad selfish and keeping all 3 of these for me, I went in looking for more gifts for events and left with more things for me…story of my life when shopping at Homesense lol!! What are some of your Homesense finds that help make your house a home? I would love to know about them!


This blog post was made in partnership with Homesense Canada, all opinions are my own…I am totally a Homesense addict and proud! Visit to get inspired & find a store near you!

A big thanks to the lovely Bettina Bogar for capturing this fun diy for us!