Creative Laundry Space with Home Depot

When I first explained to a friend that the new laundry room that they saw on my blog was actually underneath our stairs, they didn’t believe me. It was only until I had them over for a coffee & tour that they saw what I was talking about so I thought I would take you guys back into our new laundry room we created in partnership with Home Depot Canada to show you it complete and that it really is underneath a staircase! So many of you emailed us about this space, telling us your laundry room dilemmas or lack of square footage to create one in your basements not really knowing that this is exactly why we made ours this way. When we bought this house the laundry room was exactly where it is now but in quite rough shape, after re planning the entire floor plan for upstairs I knew I was happy to have the laundry stay downstairs near our mudroom – aka, the dirty clothes & washer are a hand toss away lol. BUT if this laundry room was going to be in the basement still, we had to gut it and completely re invent it – you see, this space originally was thought out all wrong with so much unused space and under a set of stairs that were not at all up to code. As someone who is slightly taller than 5’4 I knew I wanted front loaders again, I know, I know that top loaders are all the rage again because they take the whole mildew issue off the table but we take great care of our washers and have never had that problem. Also, I’ve used top loaders at peoples houses recently and I practically have to climb in to reach the baby socks at the bottom…as someone who does laundry almost daily, I say no thank you to having to climb into my washer hahah! So, this space also HAD to have front loaders to maximize on the usage of the square footage, if I wanted any counter space at all for folding or a laundry sink this was the way to go! So, it all started with a copper sink….the sink we found on the Home Depot Canada website and both decided we had to have it…and we do, and we LOVE it. We decided from the sink that we would go with a more industrial/modern farmhouse look – you guys know I love my apron sinks!!! I knew I wanted grey cabinetry somewhere in the house and since I wasn’t willing to go that route in the kitchen, Craig and I decided we would pair it with our copper in the laundry room – boy am I happy we did, it all came together just as I imagined! We love how the Silestone Calacatta Gold quartz by Cosentino accents every thing in the space, it gives that look of marble without the high maintenance and really pulls from the grey in the cabinetry.

As you can see from the images, after our new stairs were put in (to code) we realized we had barely any space to access under the stairs in this smaller “nook” that would generally be used for storage but we wanted it to be usable and not “dead space”. I asked Craig if he could put together a DIY contraption similar to our DIY shelf we did on the shiplap wall that I could hang clothes on to dry or for steaming. I asked for one bar – he gave me 3, that’s Craig for ya lol! So now we can hang things of all different lengths there to dry and it’s so fun to tell people that we made it ourselves too. The wood shelf created on the shiplap wall with the pipe holding it up was made by Craig too, we did something similar in Noah’s first bedroom but with copper pipe and so this time we used iron. The long wood shelf is also a DIY we did to cover up the wall bump out (that houses all of the plumbing etc) in a more aesthetically pleasing way ;).

Could you tell that our laundry room was underneath the stairs in our first post? Now you know!

We may not be moved in yet but our laundry room is already in use lol, I come by to do laundry and pretend that we are already moved in haha. Even the kids love this space, they put on their Home Depot aprons they were given in store and pretend to paint the walls with us and helped pass daddy the tools he needed to finish up in this space. I hope you love it as much as we do and can gather some inspiration from our creative laundry space. There is so much you can accomplish in a small amount of square footage by getting creative, some of the best laundry spaces I’ve seen are ones that are even behind closet doors! PS You can find our copper sink on the Home Depot Canada website HERE!!!

This post was made in partnership with Home Depot Canada, all opinions are our my own!