Fighting the Frizz

As a busy mom of two, finding time to perfect my hair every day truly isn’t an option. It’s important for me to work with products that heal and protect my hair on the days I have the time to wash it and style it, a great product that can have my hair lasting perfectly for days and treat my wild frizz problems vs just mask them for a few hours. Now that we are all headed into the warmer months, you know what that means…the dreaded frizz – you know, that hair that creeps up on you when you are headed out to an event and the heat wave turns your beautiful sleek curls into an electrical socket experiment? No thanks! The Frizz Ease® Miraculous Recovery™ Collection has a combination of Anti-Damage Technology and humidity protection to provide improved resistance to damage. It instantly restores and prevents the appearance of future damage…something my hair is in desperate need of. Ever since having two kids my hair is extra frizzy, it’s been more damaged (I also highlight it which of course doesn’t help) and also those baby hairs take on an entirely frizzy life of their own too!

When I get my hair done or do it myself for events or photo shoots I usually stick to my hair down in a trusted wavy, natural curls style. I am most comfortable with this look and love my hair down, tossing my hair in a top knot to hide the crazy frazzled mess it becomes in the warmer months will now be a thing of history…I cannot wait to rock my hair down at a beach event without being worried it’ll turn into a wild nest since John Frieda is helping it recover from the shampoo & conditioner to the recovery deep conditioner! The Frizz Ease® Miraculous Recovery™ Collection reverses 87 per cent of surface damage after only one use and provides ultimate humidity protection. 87% guys!!! That is an incredible number when we are talking about our hair, especially for me since I have so darn much of it! The Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner works to rehydrate hair and visibly repair damage caused by colouring and heat styling, and believe it or not living here in Canada with our heat pumping inside the house (drying every thing out) and the hard water we shampoo with – moisturizing is so important all year round. I noticed an instant difference in my hair using these products and the smell is beautiful! The Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner works to rehydrate hair and visibly repair damage caused by colouring and heat styling, and I am constantly styling my hair and getting some type of treatment to keep my blonde highlights anything but brass…it can all take a toll very quickly. Like I said, I am a mom with little extra time for pampering so when I am taking the time to give my hair some TLC I want to use products that work to treat and hydrate, and of course what smells amazing too! The line also features a new Fragrance which is consistent across the Miraculous Recovery and Forever Smooth Collections, it’s divine!!!! Craig even commented on how much he loved the smell!?!

In today’s blog post I wanted to show you a before and after of my hair prior to using the Frizz Ease collection and of course styled after, I hope you love the results as much as I do!

This post was made in collaboration with John Frieda, all opinions are my own.

Images of me for this post were captured by Wade Hudson | Hair by Emylea Mauerhofer