The face behind Darling & Bandit

I’ve been trying and trying to get a Friday Feature up for awhile now but with soooo many darn things going on like moving out of our house, being in limbo until our new house is mov-in ready and just life in general, I of course procrastinated lol! So, finally…I am back with a new profile and I promise to be more consistent with these again. Meet Trisha, owner of Darling & Bandit, a sweet friend of mine who is probably one of the kindest mamas I’ve ever met! She runs her own super cute clothing line in Vancouver, BC for littles and she has actually launched some cute pieces for us ladies too this year. Trisha is a wife to Chad and mama of 3 boys, Chase, Cyrus & Cru (all as dapper as their names are)!! When you are around them you are full of smiles from their contagious positive vibes. We love her line of t shirts and I knew you guys would appreciate learning about a nice Canadian small shop – it’s about time I get to sharing more of these again right? Trisha and I last hung out in October when our family made it to Vancouver for a visit, we took all of the kids to a park to tire them out before dinner haha – all of the kids had so much fun and you’ll see some of those pictures below!!! It was so fun capturing these fun playful moments between all of the kids, I filled up an entire memory card guys lol. Craig even managed to get a picture of Trisha and I and all of the kids haha and it isn’t blurry!! Such a fun day and the kids all got along so great. We are trying to get her and the family to come out to us in Ontario this summer and stay at our new place and visit!! I hope you enjoy learning more about this hardworking mama, I decided to do a little q&a with Trisha to share some fun facts about her with all of you, now you can get to know the beautiful hardworking face behind Darling & Bandit a little better. PS Trisha was so generous and is sharing an exclusive code for our readers, use the code ‘Bonjour20’ for 20% off at checkout at!!!!

What is your favourite food Trisha? 

Mexican, I could eat it everyday!

Favourite beauty product? 

I was recently introduced to Make up For Ever’s Excessive Lash mascara. It is the best mascara I’ve ever used. I feel like I have on fake lashes.

Favourite activity as a family? 

We love traveling! My husband and I always loved exploring new places, trying new food and really embracing other cultures. Our kids now love the same things and are always excited to plan our next trip. 🙂

Why did you start darling + bandit?

When I first had my boys there were a ton of adorable clothing options for them. As they got older the options became fewer. I wanted my older kids to look trendy and feel comfortable at the same time. I worked in fashion as a sales director for 10 years before starting darling + bandit. I have a passion for the apparel industry. 

What inspired the line? 

I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. So it seemed pretty natural to start the brand as a t-shirt line. Last year we added kids sweatshirts as well as adult sweatshirts. I’m hoping to add girls dresses this year as well. As time goes on I want to continue to build the collection. 

How many kids do you have? 

I have 3 boys Chase (8), Cyrus (5) and Cru (19 months)

How do you manage being a mom of 3 and business woman?

It takes a ton of organization and scheduling. I write endless lists of things to do. I’m old school and carry an agenda with me everywhere I go. I need it to make quick notes or write down my kids soccer practices or school schedules. I also set goals for myself monthly and I have a section in my agenda that I write that out. I’ve also surround myself with other incredible mom bosses, my family and friends. They encourage me to keep going on the tough days and help care for my babies. I don’t know what I’d do without them. 

Any advice to all of the moms out there wanting to start or run a business?

It’s the best journey you’ll ever go on starting a business. I love the creative outlet and spending time with other small business owners. It’s also an exhausting journey and there are days where you will wonder why you’re doing this. My advice would simply be to find your community and pour into them and their businesses. They will cheer you on and celebrate with you in the good times and help keep your spirits up in the tough times. 

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