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It’s no secret that in my line of work comes some pretty fun press trips and this Whistler one was by far one of my favourites, I experienced some pretty cool things and even made some lifelong friends! The trip to Whistler with Shoppers Drug Mart was all about beauty dares, going out of your comfort zone and trying things you may have thought you couldn’t. I for one jumped at the opportunity to try new foods and zip line down mountains – that is totally my jam! My daring moment other than the incredible heights we zipped down was trying out a dark smokey eye, I’ve always tried to do it myself and felt I looked like a sad racoon – no lie. I don’t know if it’s because I always go to far in the attempt to smoke the eye or if because I have larger eyes that the dark colours I was using were just making them smaller but it never worked out, I always ended up wiping it all off and going with the clean look.

There’s something about a bold sexy eye that is SO sexy to me and I’ve always been so eager to wear one so when we had the amazing opportunity to work with Simone Otis, a beautiful makeup artist Shoppers Drug Mart flew in to teach and beautify us…I was needless to say, thrilled. Simone taught me some lovely tricks on how to do a smokey eye for my eyes, we used shimmery charcoal colours and shadows, all great products you can find for great prices at your local Shoppers Drug Mart. We really enjoyed using the Benefit Cosmetics eyeliner and shadows to achieve the look! And one thing I learned was to put the eyeliner in both the bottom AND top waterline of the eye, laugh all you wanted but I’ve never once put eyeliner in my upper waterline…and now I do! It drastically changes the look of the eye and I love it…thanks Simone!!

Did you know that there are beauty advisors in Shoppers Drug Mart that can actually help you in stores to do some daring beauty? They can help you pick the perfect bold lip colour for fall or teach you how to achieve that beautiful smokey eye that if you’re anything like me has been dying to try! I love Shoppers Drug Mart, not only because they are a one stop shop for me that carries every thing from beauty to items we may need for the kids or the house but also because they are involved in so many empowering campaigns. The Be Bold campaign is about so much more than just trying out a daring beauty look, it’s about really stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking exciting risks. I attended the Mirror Ball in Toronto last year with Shoppers Drug Mart, an event that raises incredible amounts of money for such a great cause – women recovering from Cancer. An event all about helping women feel beautiful again after battling such an awful disease – this is where I truly fell in love with Shoppers Drug Mart as a company. It’s our duty to give back in some way and as a social influencer I feel blessed to work with companies that make this an important part of their branding. On this trip to Whistler I made friends with two gorgeous people, fellow bloggers that live an hour away from me that I have never met prior to this trip. Nathalie from and Natalie of, two girls I know will be my friends for a lifetime and that I am blessed to know – in this industry it is so important to support each other and empower one another. On the trip we did photos together, learned together, did each others makeup and helped pick outfits…encouraged each other to be bold! I met some amazing people on this trip and came home with great beauty know- how’s and I can’t wait to put them to work this fall. Bold lips, graphic eyes, dramatic brows and complexion perfection…I can’t wait!!! To learn more about the Be Bold with Beauty campaign click {here} or search social media with #beautydare!

As for Whistler, BC itself, all I can say is WOW. The experience there was nothing short of amazing, the sights were awe worthy and we had such amazing weather too! I missed the kids SOOOOO much and I can’t wait to bring them and Craig to Vancouver with me next time, they’ve never been! The people were great and we stayed at one of my all time favourite hotels – the Fairmont. I always have the best experiences when staying at a Fairmont…they really do spoil you! When I arrived to my hotel I was great with chocolates and fresh coffee and the most GORGEOUS & luxurious roses from Give Landea, if you haven’t set eyes on their roses before you will swoon for days…I am desperately waiting for them to open up shop here in Toronto. I may have taken advantage of them and used them as a prop for oh, almost every photo lol!

I hope you all enjoyed following along on that trip with me through my Instagram stories, I can’t wait to launch our YouTube channel this fall and I share more video! xo