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I am so thrilled to introduce all of you to my amazing friend and professional hairstylist Emylea Mauerhofer of Toronto, she will be making an appearance on the blog  a couple of times a month starting as of today!!! I can’t wait for you all to see the amazing blog posts she has in store for you…all revolving around your hair! Our kiddos love Emylea, it’s so refreshing to work with people that understand the beautiful chaos of being a full time blogger & stay at home mama!  Emylea is using the 32mm tourmaline wand, once you’ve used a tourmaline styling tool you will never use anything else…we promise you! 32mm Love Amika wand {here} This amazing soul has become such a great friend of mine and worked magic on my hair, as we’ve gotten to know each other over time I simply knew I wanted her to be a part of my brand! We love her, the kids adore her and I know you guys will too, checkout her instagram here and show her some love, she is super excited to share her love of hair and her tips & tricks of the trade. Emylea is professional hairstylist passionate about every thing it encompasses, from braids to colouring and of course it’s health. Today we have collaborated on a post together to share the luxurious hair product line Love Amika, we wanted to give you a genuine review on the full line from a stylist & every day gal! We hope you enjoy the review on a few of the products today & the curling wand and we will be sharing another post on a few more products later this month! xo

I’ve always been super picky about what shampoos and conditioners I use especially since I colour my hair and I want to use ones that will protect my colour and help the health of my hair. This is why I am so excited about the AMIKA rx shampoo and masque.

 The shampoo has such a luxurious lather to it and smells so good too. But it’s benefits don’t stop there it is specifically formulated for people like me who put a little too much damage on my hair. It is designed to strengthen and soften your hair with its magical ingredient omega 7 enriched sea buckthorn berry. You guys will see why I love omegas so much in my future blog posts. After using it several times I can truly say it does do what it says. My hair feels soft and looks shiny and it definitely feels stronger. My only caution would be that it is a heavier formula so if you have fine hair like me you might want to use it every other shampoo because it can be heavy.

The masque from this line is wonderful and has the same signature ingredient, sea buckthorn berry. But what I love about this masque is that they put raw Shea butter in it to hydrate your hair. Due to these powerful ingredients this is a once a week use product. I like to put it in for the evening when I’m home and give my hair the ultimate treatment. Like the shampoo this product is very heavy so like I mentioned before don’t go crazy with it. But trust me I saw beautiful results from it. My hair felt so silky soft. I will definitely use this again.

I had the pleasure of trying the tourmaline clip free curler wand. As a stylist I am quite pleased with it. What I first noticed when taking it out of the box was its super lightweight design. I work all day with different tools and it makes my day that much harder when the tools I am using are heavy. So this is a wand I will definitely always keep in my tool bag. Second thing I love about it is how fast it heats up. No wasting time there. Once I started to actually curl with it the curls were coming out so effortlessly smooth and shiny. This is because it is infused with tourmaline which has negative ions which help to lock in moisture and smooth out frizz. And trust me it totally did that because my hair never looked and felt better after using this. I don’t think I will ever go back to regular wands and curling irons after using this wand. And my final favourite part about this tool is that it has dual voltage for world travel. I will definitely be taking it everywhere with me.

Dry conditioner

I was so intrigued when I first saw this product. I have been using dry shampoo for a while now but had never seen dry conditioner. After trying it I was quite impressed. It added shine and smoothness to the hair and perked it up making it look freshly washed. This product has the same key ingredient that I talked about in the shampoo and masque, the sea buckthorn berry. So it’s nice to know that it is not just a refresher but it has ingredients in it to strengthen your hair as well. I like to think of it as a mega serum in dry spray form. My favourite thing about this product was the shine it gave the hair. A lot of times when I am working with up dos or dry styles the hair can tend to look dull after all the products have been put in and it has been styled but this dry conditioner is a great addition to my collection to add that final shine to the styles I do. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  • Emylea Mauerhofer

I am personally loving the shampoo & conditioner since my hair has been ridiculously dry for years, I wash it 2-3 x a week MAX and Emylea has had me using the Tripl rx shampoo {here} & conditioner or in place of the conditioner I use the Nourishing mask {here} for 5 minutes after shampooing, then rinse. After I lightly blow dry my hair I put in some of the Leave-in Cream {here}, might I add that this stuff smells insanely good and continues to smell amazing 48 hours after you’ve used it!!! Emylea also has me trying my hardest to remember to give the ends of my hair a little TLC every day if I can manage to remember, so I have been putting a little oil treatment {here} in my hands and then massaging it into my ends on the daily. My hair is very dry so this stuff is working wonders, I also have A LOT of hair lol so it sucks it up! If you haven’t tried this line before we truly recommend you get your hands on some, or you can search which salons near you carry it by clicking here!



The Obliphica Line of Haircare by amika gets its power by harnessing the unique properties of the “super fruit” Sea Buckthorn Berry (also known as Obliphica).


Native only to Siberia and some parts of the Himalayas, the berry protects itself with an unprecedented amount of nutrients and vitamins against some of the harshest environmental conditions on Earth.


The Obliphica berry is rich in antioxidants, essential amino acids, vitamin E, rare Omega 7 and 190 other bioactive nutrients, the Obliphica berry is actually a food and not a chemical based product, and the body instantly absorbs the nutrients.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review on a few of Love Amika’s products, we will be sharing more about what we love about their line in a week. Love Roxanne & Emylea xo