wedding wednesday


Ella’s Dress | Noah’s Bowtie | Mikaella Bridal Gown | Bridesmaids | Mens Tux | Flower Girl Sandals

I am writing this with the BIGGEST smile on my face, this is my favourite part of our wedding series. Building up to our wedding and the photos being taken I was most excited for the ones of our kids, I mean I get to keep these forever and I am so in love with them! The kids outfits turned out perfect, Ella’s and my nieces dress encompassed my vintage floral feel and Noah was my something blue. I also love how carefree the images are and candid, Noah’s shoes lasted an all of five seconds into the ceremony and sore his little baby toes made it into the photos! The colour of our bridesmaid dresses turned out magical on film and now you can see my wedding dress after I removed the tulle overlay, oh and of course the bouquets in more detail that I swooned over ALL DAY! After our friend Natalie Elliot saved us by doing our bouquets with us last minute literally the night before the wedding I also couldn’t wait to get images of them, they are exactly what I envisioned! We were told by a florist that our floral budget for the wedding wasn’t big enough and so with 20% of what we had budgeted for we went to Bradford Greenhouses and they looked through my inspiration images and ordered me the exact florals, leafery and succulents I wanted and Natalie stayed up until nearly midnight with me to do the bouquets, the boutonnieres and our macaron cake (waaiittt till you see that too!). Natalie is a freelance floral stylist starting her own company, this girl has an amazing eye for florals and is so passionate about it…I am so lucky she took the time out of her busy schedule to help us! Check her out on Instagram here or you could always email her at Next week we are posting reception photos, I hope you are as excited as I am! Sorry about all of the exclamation marks I am just so darn in love with these!!!!#sorrynotsorry