Mini Getaways

With my award for best window breaker in tow and a sick toddler we escaped to the city. It isn’t to Mexico or anything tropical but even two days at a lovely hotel with a pool, sauna and steam room was a perfectly timed idea from Craig. I am writing you from the comfort of these Hilton crisp covers with my two babes cuddling beside me, Ella is slowly feeling much better and eating which is such a relief. It is incredibly heartbreaking when your child is sick, those puppy dog sleepy eyes kill me. She needed to get some new scenery just as much as I did and the room service here is nothing short of fabulous. Today Craig ordered us up eggs Benedict + a latte…perfection! I could live with this every day, barista make it rain n’est-ce pas? In these shots you’ll see my babes in adorable pieces by Sapling Child, a stunning and whimsical Australian brand that I am currently adoring! Not only is this brand adorable it makes it all the more lovely when I learnt that they currently help support an orphanage in India. The beautiful face behind this brand is a lovely woman named Peta and you’re sure to enjoy the Sapling blog as much as you love this line of clothing. I mean their heart pants speak for themselves right? This sleeper on Noah is my favourite right now as it has a second zipper that zips upwards…not only are zippered sleepers my fav’ this second zipper makes changing his diaper so much easier!! The feet of the sleeper can actually be folded over as well which is great since it will be able to get more use as Noah grows. The 100% organic pieces come in adorable prints aiming to remind you of your childhood. I am a sucker for Aztec as every one knows and these puppy prints are incredibly swoon worthy as well, Ella has been counting them all morning. She is enjoying the quality time of us all just cuddling in bed watching cartoons, reading her Cinderella book and playing monkeys in a barrel…this is her favourite game right now and it’s teaching her colours and great coordination + it’s a great travelling game! I also always make sure to pack her little Disney book case full of crayons, story books, colouring books and stickers to stick all over daddy and everything in sight. If the kids aren’t sleeping during a long car ride we are chatting with them and teaching them. Ella is such a sponge so games like counting cars and their colours or yes even singing those at times annoying kids songs are very educational. We are lucky that we don’t often have to resort to electronics to keep our toddler happy but I am in no way claiming we never do, sometimes Toopy & Binoo on my phone is a saviour! Snacks too! Yes snacks will save your life, never go on any lengthily car ride with a toddler without snacks (duh)! Here at the hotel it’s been so easy to relax as I stare at their cute little feet and watch them snuggle…nothing short of heavenly. 

Ella’s Pants & Noah’s Sleeper: Sapling Child | Bib: Numper