Bonjour Baby Baskets

I am writing this one to you from a place of deep rooted exhaustion, today has been one of those days where I sit here and wonder how I’ve managed to get by with all of my hair intact and without a scary eye twitch…ya the one those crazy people have in the movies? I have been up since 4 am with our little guy who seems to enjoy cluster feeding in the early am and our poor toddler has been teething and woke up at 5am. No naps, lots of tantrums and a day of cluster feeding…is daddy home yet? On the bright side I am reminding myself that it also was a day full of cuddles, cuddles that one day I will desperately miss more than I am missing my shut eye. 
I have been wanting to share this company with you for a few weeks now, it is Canadian and the concept is super smart. For those of you who want to bring unique gifts to baby showers, this ones for you! Susan from Bonjour Baby Baskets takes the difficulty out of preparing that perfect gift for an expecting mommy and handles the creativity with excellence. Not only do these baskets come with a variety of perfect items from all around the world, they also come in a wool basket that can be re used for so many different things…I have already been day dreaming of spots for it and the adorable elephant pillow in the nursery we are working on! I love the concept of a one stop shop for people with zero time to prepare gifts and who have truly no idea what to buy or like to stray from the usual registry big box store items. I know I love my boutique pieces and I am sure every mother would. I love putting gifts together and even if you do too, you’d still enjoy this shop and just build your own baby basket according to your budget! All of this and it comes in wrapping that can be re used, what is not to love? A big thanks to Bonjour Baby Baskets for sending our little Noah his basket to celebrate his birth, we truly appreciated the gesture and Ella is loving teaching Noah the Wee Gallery Art Cards! You can find all of the links to the items in the photos in the caption at the end of this post xo
Wool Basket: ℅ Bonjour Baby Baskets
Striped Bandana Bib: Eletrik Kidz and another we love here ℅ Bonjour Baby Baskets
Wool Sweater: Zara
Dapper Deer Leggings: Ollie Jones ℅ Bonjour Baby Baskets
Moccs: ℅ Mini Moc
Pink Headband: Joe Fresh
Bonjour Pink Top: Zara
Navajo Leggings: ℅ Sapling Child
Art Cards: Wee Gallery ℅ Bonjour Baby Baskets
Elephant & Plaid Pillow: Gingiber ℅ Bonjour Baby Baskets