And then there were four

And now there are 4 of us, I still sit here at times and look at Craig and say “wow, we have 2 kids!”…he laughs at me. It is a whole new world having two children, a beautiful, crazy new world! Believe it or not I am also still in shock that we have a boy, a sweet little dude whom I truly did not expect. I pictured Craig in a world of pink bows & ponies forever – I thought 2 girls for sure and he was perfectly fine with that picture.  Craig is the one who told told me we had a boy and I looked at him and said no it isn’t…and then they passed me Noah and I was in awe. I am so happy we waited to find out the gender, I cannot even describe that surprise after labour…finding out more about this little person you have grown inside your belly and waited to meet. Everyone tells us now we have the million dollar family – I find that so silly as we would have been grateful to have two boys, or two girls…being blessed with one child is even a million dollar family to us. I guess the thing here with now having one of each gender is that I can sit back and really entertain the idea of us stopping at 2 kids, this pregnancy was not an easy one in the end (really what pregnancy is) and the labour was actually great (if I can say great for a labour sans epidural?) but is it normal after 2 babies to feel like your body couldn’t even handle it a third or fourth time? I guess we shall see what the future holds for us, right now thoughts of another bundle are no where in my mind- I am just soaking up every second with our 2 babes. Now, about the birth story! Well, we had been trying to get me into labour since around 38 and a half weeks with no luck, I should have known it was a stubborn little boy in there ha ha! Near the 39 week mark we found out that my bladder was slightly protruding from my lower stomach as Noah truly had run out of room in there…we could feel his feet at times between my breasts…like common how do feet get so high!?!?! So needless to say I was uncomfortable and in pain near the end, I wasn’t sleeping and went 3 days with no sleep at all and couldn’t nap with our toddler for the life of me because I was just TOO uncomfortable. So my midwives checked me and we found out I was 2-3cm dilated, they told me to run a hot bath and have some gravol while my mother watched Ella and try to get some sleep as every one was nervous I would not have any energy for labour. My eyes were getting black underneath, I was shaky with headaches…so in the bath I went to relax after a gravol and afterwards I had a nap…a sweet half an hour nap was all my body could give me. The following day I visited my naturopath for acupuncture as per her and our midwives recommendation – quite the experience I must say! I expected my water to break seconds into the appointment of pins in my lower back however I left there still pregnant AS but feeling AMAZING??? For the next 24 hours I felt wonderful and that evening I actually mustered up a straight 4 hours of sleep and then another 2 hour interval after that! I knew then Noah was coming, my body had given me the rest I needed for the big task ahead and I was right…contractions started the following evening. We met our midwife at the hospital and she checked me, sure enough I was now 5 cm dilated…I stood in the shower in our room and used water as a source of pain relief which worked wonderfully!!! Within a couple hours after this of contractions and slowly dilating more to 7cm the midwives offered to break my water, this really freaked me out as I heard from some that it hurts but I welcomed it and I am so thankful that I did…within a half an hour of them doing this I was holding Noah in my arms. A sweet little boy 8lbs 13oz can you believe it? I have to say that this time around I felt very proud of myself after the labour, I mean of course I was proud of myself the first time but this time was so very different. It was shorter, I was in control unlike being a vomiting/weak mess the first time around. I just truly feel like I managed my labour much better- my contractions more specifically, I welcomed them when they came vs fighting them and once again I made it through without an epidural yahoo!!! My right arm is still sore from holding the bed and near the end we looked at each other and grabbed each others hands. I have no clue how Craigs hand survived my labour with Ella haha

With Ella my mom and Craig were both with me and this time my mom stayed home with Ella and only Craig was in the room and once again he was so supportive. Last week in bed he looked at me and said I was amazing for giving him his children and I will never forget that very moment, it felt so great to hear those words from him…a woman needs to hear things like that after labour. Labour is a very empowering feeling to me, but that doesn’t mean that I am not a depleted & emotional wreck after!
I have to say that recovery has been harder the second time around, everything is more sore and tender but sitting here writing this while both of my babies are sound a sleep next to me makes it all worthwhile of course. I couldn’t imagine this life without them or Craig…I am so very much in love!
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