Family Vacay

Our first family vacation was…ethereal. My mother surprised us with a trip for a week in the Bahamas on Paradise Island and boy was it paradise! We just barely made our flight for the trip but luckily our daughter was a dream, she nursed for take off, played with her toys for 30 minutes and slept the last 2 hours…she was a dream! I have to admit I was petrified for her first flight, she does however love her cuddles which worked perfectly for having her on my lap. We landed in Nassau, Bahamas and out of all of the places I have travelled I was in awe of how clean and well kept it was. Not only is this place STUNNING, the people are genuinely happy and friendly! I cannot tell you enough about how pleasant the Bahamian people were. We of course spent the most of our time in Atlantis, full of families with little ones which we loved. Ella made friends and we went before the busy season so the line ups to the water slides were a breeze! Craig convinced mom and I to go on all of the slides, standing in line for the one named ‘The Leap of Faith” I seriously questioned wether my participation was necessary until a 5 year old adorable little girl looked up at me and said “it really isn’t that scary”…there was no way I could turn around at that point. The beach was exquisite, the weather was perfection and the resort was breathtaking. I can still see Ella in my head pointing at all of the fish in the aquariums, she absolutely LOVED the fish! I miss walking the marina village full of gorgeous over-the-top yachts and just relaxing in the sun…the sound of the ocean every day is so calming and rejuvenating. We were lucky that our daughter enjoys napping in the stroller so we were never confined to the room and spent nap times walking around enjoying the sights and tunnel aquariums where sharks swim above you…so neat! There are just so many fun things to do on the Atlantis resort every day was thrilling.
Here is a video I made from our first family vacation for you to checkout as well!

 Funny enough we did not escape our latte addictions on this vacation as Starbucks was steps away on the resort and just as delicious as here at home, we did however indulge more in fresh fruit smoothies and coconut. 

After being home almost a month now from a blissful week in Paradise Island, Bahamas I have to say that I still feel refreshed and am eagerly awaiting our next family adventure.