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  • A healthy juice with Breville & Giveaway #1

    It's holiday giveaway time!! We are all striving to live healthier lifestyles and let's face it, it isn't easy! I can tell you that I am a slave to freshly baked pastries and I…

    December 2017
  • East Coast Glamping with Chevrolet

    This fall we had the pleasure of joining Chevrolet Canada to go on an adventure, but not just any adventure guys - we went glamping in the East Coast.…

    December 2017
  • Holiday Gifting with Tiffany & Co.

    I have been itching to share my breakfast at Tiffany's experience and I mean, can you understand why!?! I did the most ridiculous happy dance when this partnership arose, a brand I loved, in…

    December 2017
  • Our DIY Library Wall with Home Depot

    I have been dying to share our library wall with you guys that we built in collaboration with Home Depot Canada!!!! This project was such a labour of love and a dream come to…

    November 2017
  • Quality with Q Design Centre

    I don’t know about you but when I find a great company that makes product that I love, I cling on tight. Especially when it’s a local company and I have the opportunity to…

    November 2017
  • Holiday Gifting with INDIGO

    Every gift tells a story in our home and we’ve partnered up with Indigo again to share some of our favourite finds for the holidays. Gifts for the entire family, gifts that tell a…

    November 2017
  • My Metrie Option {M}: Modern Farmhouse

    Today I am writing to share the love of one of our favourite interiors products. As you all know, we’ve been working with Metrie trim & moulding for years now and there’s a good…

    November 2017
  • Puppy Business with Earth Rated

    Today we wanted to share one of our favourite products we invested in since bringing our Gatsby boy home to join our family! You may wonder why this is our favourite if you don't…

    November 2017

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