Puppy Business with Earth Rated

Puppy Business with Earth Rated Family Living
Today we wanted to share one of our favourite products we invested in since bringing our Gatsby boy home to join our family! You may wonder why this is our favourite if you don’t have a dog, however if you do – you know exactly why we love this convenient puppy business tool! This shoot we did with Bettina Bogar was at the end of summer and I look at the photos seeing how much my kids have changed and Gatsby, all 3 of my babies are growing so fast! I couldn’t imagine our family without Gatsby, the kids love him SO much and he is such a good boy! I trained him myself with some research and a good book and so far, so great.

When we brought Gatsby home we were sent a bunch of goodies fromEarth Rated® to take care of the not so pretty job of picking up puppy business on our walks, you know that really smelly, not-so-fun puppy business lol? Ya that. Yes, I am here talking about that, don’t share your head at me lol. This is real life stuff, something every dog parent needs to do – well unless you’re THAT GUY that doesn’t pick it up – I am not very fond of you sir.

We use the Earth Rated® leash dispenser on our Hound Collection leash, if he’s off leash we can easily clip it onto our jacket or pants – no stress. The adjustable strap allows it to attach to any size leash, while the screw-on dispenser top keeps bags secured (not dropped or lost!). It’s so small and convenient and makes those moments easier AND cleaner for us. They have lavender scented bags, unscented ones and vegetable based ones. We use all 3 but more recently we have been trying to use up the vegetable based ones since Earth Rated® compostable bags meet the ASTM D6400 guidelines, are BPI-approved and are an excellent vegetable-based alternative to the green-colored bags. These unscented bags can be disposed of in a municipal compost environment, where pet waste is accepted.

The Earth Rated® dog waste bags are bigger, thicker, tougher and totally leak-proof! That’s a positive am I right? Most people I have chatted with that use the Earth Rated® products for their pup prefer the lavender bags to mask any scents they don’t want to smell. We are buying the bulk packs now because honestly, the Earth Rated® bags are SO well priced and we know what to expect for quality.  They carry a variety of products from stain & odour removing sprays to a convenient scooper for the backyard and larger bags for around your property so you can keep your dispenser for walks or trips away from home.

Another reason I love Earth Rated® is that they are a company that are not just about making the lives of pet owners better, they are doing so much in communities for our furry friends too! They support fundraiser and adoption events, they sponsor local shelters and something like this really means a lot to me when collaborating with a company. They love and care about dogs and that is the driving force behind Earth Rated®!

A word from Earth Rated®: 

We love dogs (and other animals too)! After all, it’s our love of dogs that was the driving force behind starting Earth Rated®. That’s why it’s incredibly important to us that we give back to the dogs and the pet community alike. We are proud to support fundraisers and adoption events to benefit local shelters and independent rescues through product donations.It is truly a privilege to help dedicated volunteers with their wonderful work while making their lives a little easier!

If you actually click {here} you can check out their upcoming sponsored events in the community in Canada AND the USA!

This post was made in collaboration withEarth Rated®, all opinions as always are my own. Photography by Bettina Bogar.

Puppy Business with Earth Rated Family Living