Air Miles

Last night I cooked dinner and didn’t once get asked if it was ready yet, we had music playing softly in the background and I slow cooked a delicious pasta sauce as the kids played at the kitchen island with their new Marvel MICROPOPZ™ characters that they are currently loving! I have always been a Marvel fan but let’s just say that after last night I am an even bigger one, ha!

With the school year in full swing, there are so many trends, toys and tech-devices kids are after, and it’s hard to know where to start and what to buy. Have you ever heard of a MICROPOPZ™ Marvel character? Around here we LOVE everything Marvel, even when our kids go to bed my husband and I hop on the couch to watch some of our favourite super hero movies – kids at heart over here!

We are always on the hunt for really cool toys for the kids, ones that do not take up a huge amount of square footage in our home and of course ones that we can take on our travels with us. Right now there is a super exciting new AIR MILES and Marvel promotion going on that allows us AIR MILES Ccollectors to get the MICROPOPZ™ Marvel characters. Your kids are going to love you for this! Both our 3 year old and 5 year old love these things, they allow the kids to use their imagination to remake their favourite heroic scenes and have so much fun with them. They have a rubber suction bottom and are the perfect pocket size and there is a whole collection of characters too! These characters are really easy to get too – all you have to do is swipe your AIR MILES Card from October 5 to October 26 and you can get one of 16 Marvel MICROPOPZ™ character with every $30 purchase at participating Partner locations. Noah’s favourite character right now is the Spider- Man MICROPOPZ™ character, so much so that we have 2 now lol! Gone are the days of the kids complaining during a grocery shop or asking for cookies from the bakery – they are loving these MICROPOPZ™ and we can collect them while we shop for things we already need. Noah even brings along his Spider-man now to suction cup it to the grocery cart while I work through the list, he talks in the funniest voice and tells me stories as if he is Spider-Man…he even has everyone else in the aisles captivated! With a range of collectable MICROPOPZ, including everyone’s favourites like, The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Spider-Man and a custom Marvel album available for purchase, you’ll want to collect all 16 or as many as you can get your hands on really and challenge your kids to see who can manage the coolest stunts.

Did you have a favourite Marvel character growing up? I always find it interesting to learn people’s answers! This is such a fun promotion guys and it is a limited time offer AND only available while supplies last, these are going to go super-fast I am betting too. You can collect the Marvel MICROPOPZ characters until October 26th so there is still lots of time to get collecting!

For more inspiration, and to check out the whole collection visit: and follow #MarvelMania.

This blog post was made in collaboration withAIR MILES & Marvel, all opinions as always are my own and we are so exciting to be partnering on this super exciting promotion that both we and our kids enjoy!