Anthropologie Swooning

I’ve been super swooning over this set up from Anthropologie lately, I mean what am I not swooning over by them right lol!?! So I thought I would share it with you guys and the links for each piece I love from the set up! They have a great 20% off sale right now so it is the perfect time to stock up on every thing from that cozy cardigan you’ve been craving or a statement piece like this gorgeous ornate brass mirror I am drooling over. I have convinced myself that I need it, totally keeping me up at night if you get what I mean!

  1. Super delicious mirror I must have for my new office {here}
  2. Brass Pedestal Table, because we all need one! {here}
  3. Oh-so-lovely printed chairs {here}
  4. Hanging Baskets, perfect for filling with eucalyptus! {here}
  5. Flokati Rug {here}
  6. Marble Dinnerware (swoon) {here}
  7. Brass Cutlery {here}
  8. Gold rimmed glasses {here}

Happy shopping lovelies! xo

Anthropologie Swooning Decor Living