Bonjour Bliss Mommy & Me: Blisstulle

– Matching Bonjour Bliss Mommy & Me Tulle Skirts: by Blisstulle

They say pictures tell a story, if these photos could tell you a story I’d hope they’d tell you that this sweet little girl of mine is my world. That she inspires me, she gives me drive to work harder than I ever imagined possible to give her every thing her little heart desires, to inspire her. This shoot was so fun for us, to just play around the house being us in our matching Bonjour Bliss Mommy & Me skirts.

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Ella loves ballet and loved our matching skirts as I spun her around and she twirled just like those beautiful little figurines on a music box but full of life & laughter. Toddlers honestly have the best giggles, when we watch Tinkerbell together and they say fairies are born from the laugh of a child – it totally makes sense guys lol!!! 4 years ago Ella was born, 3 weeks early.
4 years ago Craig and I placed our eyes on this sweet girl after she was placed into my hands and we both cried, that moment holds so much for me. It’s the moment I felt the love I was learning as she was growing inside of my belly just burst into the biggest love I’ve ever felt, it put every thing into perspective, it gave me purpose bigger than myself, it built a love for my husband that will never go away no matter what our future holds. The story of Ella even before she was born is still so vivid in my mind, the day we found out she was growing in my belly, the day we felt the first kick, the day we found out she was a girl – Craig’s face that day was especially priceless, he was so overcome with feelings of over protectiveness, it was adorable! Every ultra sound, I remember the feelings I felt, I remember Craig’s face. I remember every thing of after she was born (during is a bit hazy from adrenaline lol)!! I re-visit memory lane often, this could be the reason I am such an emotional parent – or I’m just a sap, period. Craig and I sit and look at the photos of her from the very beginning of her story, how much she’s changed and grown yet how she’s also the same. We both get super emotional and end up going upstairs and cuddling her, ya know being the creepy parents that stand there just looking at them lol!!! I don’t know why I said creepy, that is normal – just like it’s been said before, they are our hearts outside of our bodies – so true!

She is my little side kick, the little ball of energy that on some days shoots my nerves through the roof yet a second away from her and I am missing her desperately. She is my mini me, totally sent here to give me a taste of my own medicine haha but I love it! My parents all laugh at her energy and feistiness and never fail to inform me that she is exactly how I was – oh gosh, thanks for the warning! No rush for the teen years thank you lol!!! She turned 4 this week, FOUR!!! I still can’t wrap my head around this, how has it been 4 years??? 4 years has gone by far too fast, so much has changed in this last year. Ella started school and the build up to that was such a challenge and in the last month our family has made some important decisions about the academics for our daughter and what works best for our family, deciding what’s best for our kids truly helps to ground me and re-assess every thing. Sometimes life is just going too fast and you need what’s most important to make you stop, think harder, a lot harder and put new plans into place…but that’s all for another blog post to come lol! Right now, let’s talk about these beautiful skirts we are rocking!!

When I had the opportunity to partner on a design for a Mommy & Me tulle skirt set with Blisstulle I was so thrilled, I had worked with them already in the past and I’ve always been so fond of the brand and the products for years. Blisstulle goes by the saying that, a tulle skirt is always a good idea – now that’s my kind of brand haha! Ella and I love twinning and these skirts are by far my favourite twinning look of all! Who wouldn’t love being a princess for a day with mum while having our traditional tea parties where we talk about our favourte things? These skirts are so beautifully made, the details are amazing and so “us”.  I love the beautifully soft drape tulle overlay and the lace underlay, I know we will keep these forever and Ella can pass them on one day as she wishes. These skirts are handcrafted in the US and made with love, they are timeless and keepsakes. As you all know if you’ve followed me for years now, gold is my jam – so the fact that we went for champagne with these skirts turned out to be perfection!!! Another important detail, the elastic waistband! I am so comfortable in this skirt and I can’t wait to wear it to an event, well events all year round really!! In the spring I plan to pair it with a cute denim button up top, this summer as you can see I chose an off the shoulder top for myself and Ella picked out her ballet body suit. In the winter I am planning a fun shoot with a beautiful oversized sweater! These skirts are great for every day casual looks, yes they really are! And they are perfect for events, birthdays, baptisms, flower girl outfits SWOON!!! Or for just twinning with your mini 🙂 like I did.

We hope you love the skirts as much as we do and please tag us if you order a set and post a photo to social media, I’d love to see how you style your Bonjour Bliss Mommy & Me set {shop it here}! They also have so many more styles to pick from that I’m sure would work perfectly for an event you may have coming up or the sweetest gift for that adult or mini in your life. The kids size ranges from 6 months old all the way to 9 years old and last for so long with the elastic waists! And the adult sizes range from Extra Small to Large and are super forgiving!

Photography by Tamara Lockwood