The best baby book ever

First off, I am a sucker for stationary…baby books fit right in there for me, I LOVE filling them out. When we were pregnant with Ella I found a special admiration for my baby book, my mom really took the time to fill it out as I grew up into my second year of life and I really appreciated reading about her pregnancy and how I was as a baby & toddler. She even has a hilarious vas (yes vhs tape) of my first and second birthday parties – Craig and I die laughing watching it since Ella is the same as me! Nowadays I find the baby books in stores are “meh”, sure they are big and have all of the sections us mamas look to fill out BUT they are far from modern looking and lack in aesthetics & quality. I try to buy Canadian when I can and when Lesley at Mushybooks sent us this fricken-insanely-stellar baby book, I died. The book is a gorgeous crisp white leather made in Canada, Lesley makes the pages herself and the books can expand if you want to keep adding as your little grows up! Mushybooks really stuck it to me with the Dreamcatcher book I received, I am in love with tribal prints and this one is perfectly suited for Noah’s nursery (up on the blog in January!). This suburban mama of 3 from British Columbia really knows what we all want from a baby book, moms know moms am I right?

I  took the time to really fill up Ella’s baby book after she was born and I still go back to it every couple of months to catch up, I have started working on Noah’s now and it is such a nice, relaxing activity while he nurses…I mean there are only so many tasks I can manage while doing that ha! My advice mamas, grab one of these baby books as soon as you can, pour yourself a cup of tea, relax and start writing away. Need more incentive? They’ve graciously offered our Bonjour Bliss Blog readers a 15% discount on any of their books until November 28th, just use the code BBB15!
Antler Leggings: ℅ Vonbon
Canvas Shoes: ℅ Tiny Threads
Baby Book: ℅ Mushybooks